7C'S Morgans, owned and operated by Edmond and Lori Cote is located in St Paul  Alberta. Although Lori works part time off the farm, and  Edmond is a  farrier, they still manage to spend quality time with there horses.

    It was in about 1988 that her uncle Norman  introduced Lori to the Morgan horse. Needless to say, after that it didn't take Lori  long to get hooked and buy her first Morgan horse. Kelgary Classic Jasmine would be that horse, and was the foundation for her breeding program.

    7C's Morgans  specializes in breeding and quality,  with an everyday kind of horses with exceptional temperments and versitility.

    Our Morgan horses can be used for almost any discipline that you wishe to do and have long been used for work and pleasure. We currently breed, train, and spend a lot of time in the mountains. Riding in the mountains for 10 days is like putting 30 days on a  horse, with and average of about 110 miles, it's beneficial to both horse and rider.We're also involved in riding in poker rallies, parades and numerous trail rides.

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Edmond & Lori Cote
Box 1395
St Paul AB, Canada